Wardrobe Decluttering & Drawer Organising Made Easy

Wardrobes can get very messy. We don’t always have time to put clothes in neatly and eventually, they will end up looking cluttered and disorganised. Easily done. Luckily, it doesn’t take too long to get it back in shape.

Recently, one of my clients, a busy single dad asked me to help with organising his wardrobe and drawers. Clothes were mixed with his son’s and there was a limited space in the bedroom, so we needed to go through the clothes and decide which he was going to keep and which could go to a local charity.

He agreed to invest in some new hangers and a couple of boxes to keep gloves, hats, caps, and flip flops tidy. We chose some nice slim hangers from Dunelm for £2.50 (10pcs) and the boxes came from a local bargain shop for £3 each.

Storage boxes like these are a great way of keeping small items in your wardrobe, such as hats and gloves tidy…

These were only £3.00 each from a local bargains shop.

Once the clothes were separated, I folded them neatly back into the wardrobe. If you are unsure how to fold t-shirts and jumpers, Amazon sells a product that can make things easier for you, see below:

BoxLegend T shirt Clothes Folder T-shirt Folding Board Flip Fold Laundry Organizer

Note: If you decide to purchase the above product from Amazon within certain time frame, we will receive a tiny commission as an Amazon Affiliate at no extra cost to you.

Take a look at some before and after pictures below:

I then went through some drawers. We had to keep all the items but see below an example of how just folding socks and underwear nicely into the drawer can make everything fit perfectly.

This small project went well. Wardrobe and chest of drawers look nice and tidy again. We even rediscovered some lost clothes! Everyone was happy…

All the best,
Miss De Clutter
Professional Organiser
Owner of Home Declutterers

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