How to Fold Your Clothes to Keep Your Wardrobes Tidy?

Wardrobe organising

‘You’ll never know what you have until you declutter your wardrobe…’

Very true. I have covered wardrobe decluttering in one of my previous posts, however, I realised that some of you might not know how to fold clothes so I created a couple of videos to help you learn.

The first one will show you how to fold a t-shirt. It’s very simple and if you do it few times, you will get an eye for how wide/narrow you need to fold it to fit it nicely into your wardrobe like this:

Take a look at the video below:

The next video will show you how to get socks in your drawers organised. You can either use a drawer separators (I mentioned those in my previous post), or fold your socks so they look nice and neat. Watch the video below:

I hope you found these useful! Happy folding.

All the best,

Miss De Clutter
Professional Organiser
Home Declutterers

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